Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine.

I was reading in our local newspaper "The Age" a few weeks back about the role humour plays in maintaining morale when times are really tough. I particularly enjoy this so-called "black" or "gallows" humour. A couple of examples from that article:

Q: What did they do for light in Zimbabwe before they had candles?
A: Electricity.

Q: (From the concentration camps during WWII) What's the difference between a Jewish optimist and a Jewish pessimist?
A: A Jewish pessimist is living in exile somewhere, a Jewish optimist is here.

I heard on the news (on our winter solstice 21 June 2005) that Cardinal Sin had died and I got to thinking about names and professions and how they reflect one another. For example locally (Melbourne, Australia) we have Nathan Crafti, a member of the legal fraternity. So I did the Google thing and came up with What's in a Name? which will amuse those who take a peep.

There is a Doctor Misri practising in Canada who treats depression and who has written a book “Shouldn't I be happy?” Check it out you non-believers, it's true! Feed dr misri to Google.

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